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In Time of Peace
Thomas Boyd
Subject: Fiction
Date Published: Jun 27 2008

ISBN: 0980190940

Author Thomas Boyd is best known for the novel "Through the Wheat" that has long been considered the greatest American novel of World War I ever written.  Boyd was a Marine in WWI, seeing a great deal of fighting action, and was deeply influenced by what he went through on the battlefield.  Later, he wrote for newspapers, and while working in a bookstore and writing the literary page of the newspaper in St. Paul, Minnesota, was befriended by F. Scott Fitzgerald, who put him in contact with his own famous editor, Maxwell Perkins.  As a result, Boyd published several books with Scribners, all edited by Perkins. "In Time of Peace" was Boyd’s last published novel, originally published by Minton Balch Putnam in 1935. It is a powerful story of the upwardly mobile Roaring Twenties followed by the disaster of the Crash of 1929 and subsequent Depression.  Boyd brilliantly captures the clash and contradictions of materialist life and higher human values.  "In Time of Peace" will resonate strongly for many modern reader